Simple Tips To Avoid Tilt In League Of Legends

As every single person that play ranked League of Legends, I’ve been hit by Tilt numerous times. Nowadays, this simply does not exist. Even if Tilt starts to weave in, it still does not really affect my ranking. The big problem with Tilt is that if you keep playing while tilted, you will end up with quite impressive losing streaks.

Last day I actually talked to someone that had a 25 games losing streak. I personally never saw something like this, unless trolling or actually wanting to lose to stay in Bronze, or something like that. The longest ranked losing streak I ever had was something like 8.

Losing streaks are frustrating but the big problem is that when you are hit by one, there is a pretty good possibility you will end up losing even more. This is normally because of tilt. Your MMR will be damaged and it will be difficult to get back where you started.

Following a Tilt induced losing streak you will have to play more to get back.

What The Hell Is Tilting?

Everyone talks about tilt but the truth is few actually understand what it actually is. The term appeared in poker. What is important to remember is that:

“Tilt is a state of emotional or mental frustration or confusion. “

In poker, the player starts to use a bad strategy, normally becoming over-aggressive. Sounds familiar?

In League of Legends, when you tilt, you normally end up feeding. You start doing things you would normally not do. Hopefully, you know that when you are losing lane you need to be defensive. If you are tilted, you would still be aggressive. A couple of days ago I played a Yasuo in lane with Malzahar. I outplayed him a couple of times, once even using a flash to avoid a tornado. Then, every single time he came back, he kept trying to fight. Obviously, I was really fed after 10 minutes of this. That Yasuo was tilted and cursing the entire game.

If you are tilted, you make plays you should never make. The enemy laner is fed. Then, if you are tilted and you start a new game, you will get a lot angrier than usual. You start to make bad plays, play way too aggressive, flame the team or want to surrender. Sounds familiar?

Flame Appears Because Of Tilt

Most of the flame you will see in League of Legends will be caused by being on tilt. Tilt is something that everyone experiences. The reaction is natural and you are basically angry at you after mistakes are made. Since it is hard to own up to what you did, you tend to look for someone that is responsible. Always blame the jungler, right?

Remember that there is always a REALLY HIGH possibility one person on your team is already on tilt before the game starts! This is exactly why flame appears so often.

Unfortunately, it is close to impossible to prevent tilt. You just need to accept this as part of the game when it happens.

Remember when I said tilt does not exist for me? It is not because it does not appear. It is because I know how to mitigate damage. It does help that I am also a winning poker player so it might be easier for me, but, there are things that you can always do.

When You Are On Tilt

The most important thing you should always remember is:

“Losing is normal. Losing is natural.”

You can be the very best player in the world and you will never win all games.

“Every single loss is a lesson.”

Now, although losing teaches you many things, you obviously want to win. If you want to win more, you need to be able to react properly when on tilt. Here are some things to consider.

TIP: Play LOL For The Right Reasons

I REALLY do not recommend this AD Ahri idea!

Frustration causes anger. Frustration is stress and it appears when an obstacle appear. Unfortunately, most people that play League of Legends simply do it to win. This is the only goal they have. There is no wish to have fun, learn or make friends. People simply want to win.

If your only goal is to win, climbing ELO will be difficult.

League of Legends needs to be played with the goal of enjoying yourself, improving and having fun. It is not bad to be competitive but the focus should never be just on game outcome. Losing a game can help you learn a lot more than winning.

As an example, some time ago I picked Teemo into Tryndamere. Normally, the lane is pretty simple. I started the lane thinking that it is an automatic win, as it always was before. The problem was that this Tryndamere knew what to do. He actually started Cull and was always out of range of my harass. Then, he managed to bait my ignite with a really good trade and I wasted that ignite. At level 6, the jungler came and they killed me. Since I just came back to lane, he also took the tower. The game was pretty much over then. I learned from this and now I know that this can happen. I will adapt my build and my back timers to not underestimate his kill and push power.

My loss was an opportunity to learn more about the Teemo vs Tryndamere match.

TIP: Ignore Points And Division

The fact that you are in a specific division is just a nice representation of something that is hidden. League of Legends is actually creating matchmaking based on MMR. As you lose a game, your MMR goes down. When you win a game, MMR goes up.

When the matchmaking system believes you are in a division that is too high than your skill, your wins will bring in less LP. MMR still increases though. When the ELO matches the league you end up winning more points than what you lose. Basically, MMR decides if you are ranked too high based on how you play.

Most people go on Tilt because they lose points and get demoted. From Plat 1 you get to Plat 2. Then, you do not even realize when it happens but you are Plat 4. ELO is being destroyed. All the hidden numbers are lowered. When you manage to increase MMR, you climb faster. When you lower MMR, you go downhill faster.

If now you are Diamond 1 and you end up demoted to Diamond 2, not much ELO is really lost. You lose the division but you are quite close to where you started. When you manage to recognize this, it is easier to stop yourself from having tilt affect you.

TIP: Use Mute!

The mute button is your best friend if you want to stop tilting. Remember that there is always a very high possibility someone on your team is on tilt. That person can end up blaming you or others. As it is completely natural to defend yourself, you will fight back. This creates even more conflict. Internal arguments so often lead to teams that are ahead to lose the game.

If there is a person that is flaming and tilting others in game, you want to hit that mute button. Keep in mind that you want to get into a logical conversation with someone that is now angry. It does not matter that you want to help or that you want to stop an argument. It will not work.

If the arguments are going on too much, type: “/ignore all”. Then, focus on the game. You need to keep pinging, of course, but you do not have to talk to anyone.

“You will never be banned for not talking in a game. Pings are the only communication form you actually need!”

TIP: Play Another Game!

If you are on tilt, the very worst thing you can do is to keep playing. You often hear people saying that they are on tilt and they keep playing. Even if they are not really on tilt, this mentality still makes them lose more. Do not start another ranked League game. Close the client and play something else, a game that is fun for you.

Preferably, choose a game where the outcome is completely irrelevant. You can always play something linear, with a single player game mode. I personally play Diablo III when I am on tilt or I do a quick Starcraft II game against bots. Find the game that is fun for you and play it instead of joining another LOL game if you are on tilt.

TIP: Play Another Game Mode!

If you do not want to play another game and you still want to play League, just stop playing ranked. If you go on a losing streak, it is of no impact when the losing streak happens in normal. You can always start playing ARAM or you can even go into the practice tool to practice that difficult Insect kick. Do you have a friend that is online and wants to learn something? Teach him something! Play a game with him. Just avoid that ranked game!

TIP: Never Blame Others!

The natural human reaction to being blamed of anything is to become defensive. I learned that pretty early when playing LOL. Remember the Yasuo example above, he started cursing, saying cancer and all that juicy stuff. I calmly explained what he did wrong. He went on to rage even more and inevitably started blaming the jungler for not ganking. The funny thing is that the jungler did come to help him 5-6 times but I had good wards and saw him coming every single time so not much could have been done, especially since I was fed.

If there is just one thing you can remember about how to avoid TILT or prevent it in League of Legends, this is it: Never blame others for what happened, even if they made a mistake that caused you to lose lane.

The best thing you can do after a bad game is to watch the replay. See what happened! You will identify more things than what you see while in-game. Were there wards to spot the gank? Did you forget to push TAB and the opponent had a big item advantage? What happened? What could you have done better? Should you have ganked mid instead of top? Should you have taken the drake instead of trying to invade? These are the types of questions you have to ask yourself and you get answers from the replays.

When you simply blame the team and then you get back in queue, the exact same mistakes are going to be made. As you are on tilt, the exact same mistakes happen more often and the losing streak is soon to come.

Final Thoughts

It does not matter what competitive game you are playing. You will end up tilted sooner or later. You should recognize that this happens and then, just follow all the advice mentioned above. Tilting is normal. It is okay to go through it. However, what is not okay is to keep playing as you are tilted. Take a break and you automatically limit how much damage tilting causes on ranking.

Last but not least, if you absolutely feel you need to play ranked League Of Legends games and you do not want to do what was said above, just use another account. It is so cheap to get a smurf account these days. Buy one and when you are on tilt, play on that account. Do not let the damage add up.

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