The CM Punk Loss Was Not Sad Or A Surprise. It Was Obvious It Will Happen!

Everyone that knows me will tell you that I am a wrestling fan. I was one ever since I was really young. Although nowadays I do not really have much time to watch wrestling, I still follow everything that happens. I tend to believe that the difference between me and most other fans is that I can be objective. I have my favorites but that does not mean I do not understand the politics behind the sport and many of the dark parts of it all.

When CM Punk left the WWE, so many fans were furious. He was and still is a crowd favorite, although most of the popularity actually came when the company ALLOWED him to make an on-air pipe bomb promo. Ever since I saw that problem I started to think that CM Punk starts to feel entitled to things.

In wrestling, we can say that CM Punk was entitled to getting things. He had a long career, went through indy promotions and broke his body trying to reach the top, which he eventually did. When this happens, it is normal for an athlete to feel bad seeing people that worked a lot less being given opportunities he/she worked years for.

What many do not seem to realize is that CM Punk was given the same opportunity that he blamed others for in professional wrestling. He was completely green when it came to the octagon.

Ever since I heard that CM Punk will be in an UFC fight, especially a high profile one, I said he will most likely lose. Why? Because of the same reason why highly experienced professional wrestlers are simply a lot better in the ring.

CM Punk was going to go up against people that trained their entire lives to fight. His martial arts background was weak. I remember thinking that Joe Rogan would most likely kick his butt if they were to fight. I am sure I am not the only one that believes that.

Getting back to it, CM Punk lost his first fight. I saw it and immediately thought he was not going to be given a second chance. The guy is not a fighter. When Brock Lesnar entered the Octagon it was different. Lesnar had good amateur wrestling background and was always a fighter, a competitor. CM Punk was clearly exposed as being a showman. He is really good at working a crowd, but even with that he is not the best.

I heard about the second fight against Jackson by mistake. I did not know anything about his opponent but I instantly said Punk was going to lose. As any sports fan that loves a good underdog story, I would have loved to see me proven wrong. This did not happen.

CM Punk’s second fight in the UFC completely exposed him. I think even hardcore wrestling fans would tell him to go back to wrestling. If he doesn’t want to go to the WWE, which would most likely take him back just for the cash value, go somewhere else! However, after the loss, even that is difficult because he was completely exposed.

Jackson has to be criticized for not finishing the fight by KO. Anyone that knows something about fighting realizes that this would have been easy for him. CM Punk was basically lucky that his opponent showed pity on him. The fight could have been over so many times that it was painful to see. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a towel thrown in the ring by Punk’s corner.

What’s Next For CM Punk?

I cannot imagine giving him another opportunity to fight in the UFC. It is not because of the fact he lost. It is because of HOW he lost. As Joe Rogan put it in one of his podcasts, CM Punk has no talent. He can fight but anyone can be taught to fight at a mediocre level. I can fight too. I did boxing, kick boxing, jiu-jitsu, some wrestling and am seriously considering doing Krav Maga. That does not mean I can step in the ring with McGreggor and actually stand a chance.

Cm Punk is at a really bad point in his career now. He could, most likely, land easy contracts in the Indy Scene and might even be given a contract with NJPW. Obviously, TNA would be an option. I do not think he would stand a chance in WWE, unless it would simply be for a few appearances to make some money.

Speaking about CM Punk’s MMA future, there is no chance in hell, quote purposely added. Again, I would love to be proven wrong, but not all wrestlers can be good fighters. Dave Bautista is an example of that. Several wrestlers had MMA attempts and did not really succeed. Brock Lesnar is one of the few that actually did and it is because of natural talent, not because he trained for it his entire life.

Now that CM Punk lost this fight in such a manner, I expect him to make an appearance at the All In PPV promoted by the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes. This would be smart, to at least see how the crowds react. If not, his career in sports as an athlete is kind of over, all because he most likely couldn’t accept the fact that he was not good for the UFC.

Being handed high profile fights without proving himself is exactly what he blamed the WWE of doing with wrestlers. Now that he was on the receiving end and failed so hard, all that can be said is:

“Karma is a bitch!”

This happens in anything professional, from football to fighting, from jogging to professional gaming.

The last thing I want to say about this CM Punk fight is that if anyone bet on him and actually thought he was going to win, he should seriously stop betting. Period. This fight was not a surprise. It was an obvious “let’s make more money with this Punk character. He will lose but we can make money off of it.” I wouldn’t even be surprised if behind the scenes people told Jackson to go easy on Punk, just to make the fight end by decision.

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