My Thoughts And Prayers Go Out To Doublelift

Today I wake up and check out my Twitter feed, only to be instantly shocked. I did not get a chance to see the Team Liquid game live so I watched the vod right before going to bed. Then, when I wake up I see that Doublelift (Yiliang Peng) needs to go home because his older brother attacked his parents, thus killing his mother and injuring his father. Like…

After I found out about this I quickly looked online to see what happened and not much is known, as it should be, to be honest. Apparently, Doublelift’s father is going to make it. This is the only good news to come out of this horror story.

To make matters even worse, things couldn’t have come at a worse time. The NA LCS Spring finals is close and for the first time in a long time I was looking forward to seeing what will happen. Team Liquid taking on 100 Thieves would have been quite great but it will most likely be impossible to see that great game.

Nobody can expect Doublelift to play the game now. I really hope he will be able to mentally recover after such a tragedy and am quite confident that the Team Liquid owner (everyone knows him) will offer all his possible support.

I know that I am a nobody in gaming but I just had to at least write some words about this and simply send thoughts and prayers to the most charismatic BOT player in the world today (personal opinion), someone that is undeniably talented. I hope to see you back on the RIFT soon.

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