Whirlpool’s Smart French Door Fridge Is Sexy, Expensive And Smart

I know for sure that I am going to have a home filled with many smart gadgets. However, when it comes to the fridge I only really thought about having cool water and ice cubes whenever I want to. This definitely changed after I saw the Whirlpool Smart French Door refrigerator.

Most people talk about the Samsung RF22K9581SG, a model that is $4,993.65 right now on Amazon. This is a little too much money for the features offered. With the Smart French Door fridge from Whirlpool you get what you need, like extra storage and proper defrosting, together with other interesting features, all at $3,800. I know it is still much but hey, 1.1 k cheaper.

This fridge optimizes storage space and does boast Nest Learning Thermostat compatibility and WiFi connectivity. According to Whirlpool, this fridge is filled with great ideas, with a main focus being put on a pantry-inspired layout that is highly compartmentalized. The official claim is that you get 30% more storage space than with the modular shelves we are all used to. This sums up to 32 cubic feet, which is a lot.

I should also mention the Party Mode as it is great for younger users, but not limited to them. This mode aims to fill your ice bin really fast and dial temperature down automatically as repeated openings are anticipated.

Since this is a smart fridge, we can expect smart features. Whirlpool put in technology to allow the fridge to sync with a phone app through WiFi. You thus know when power is lost or when new filters are needed. When something does not work, the Whirlpool app lets you know. This is not that special though as it is common.

I personally like the design, not necessarily the smart features. You can get it in stainless steel (fingerprint-resistant), white or black.

Hopefully, some extra smart features will be added though since I do not believe the interior design will be enough for most people. It is enough for me but I know I am easy to please with some things.

Check out the video below too if you want to learn more about this fridge:

I know the video is a little old and this smart fridge is also a little old but it is something I personally like.

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