Backstreet Boys Are Back And They Are So Awesome

When it comes to music it is impossible to argue with the fact that Backstreet Boys was the most influential boy band in history since it is the best-selling boy band in history. Obviously, most people of my age grew up with them in one way or another and their influence in personal lives was quite huge.

I am quite ashamed to learn about the fact that Backstreet Boys are back only now. Since I was so busy I missed so much from the music industry, including a comeback that is quite impressive.

Backstreet Boys is still incredibly good. I was told by the person that also showed me they were back that the band actually sold out Las Vegas and that they will have some great concerts this year (I do not remember when). This is so big that I am actually considering going there just for the concert. One night and then off home, all across the ocean.

This blog post is just because I am so excited. Backstreet Boys can still sing at over 40 years of age, have a great stage presence and they are actually (personal opinion) even better than when they were in full force.

Out of all the band’s songs I believe Incomplete is the best one but The Call is the song that I mostly associated with, the one that I like the most at a personal level. Take a look at the boys’ performance at iHeart festival and remember that you were once a teenager crazy about such music.

One of their lyrics is: As long as there is music we’ll be coming back again. Guess they delivered.


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