4 Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets To Make Your Snacks The Hit Of A Geek Party + Apron And Recipes

Do you love Star Wars? Are you lazy in the kitchen? If so, these 4 Star Wars themed kitchen gadgets might be what you were looking for as your friends will surely love them and you might even feel like a Sith Lord cook for a few seconds.

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

Price: $39.99 – On Amazon

Keen on some sandwiches or just some toast bread? This toaster will make every piece of bread engraved with the image of Darth Vader. Your personal dark side ode will be complete. Not much more to say.

Star Wars Darth Vader Waffle Maker

$39.99 – On Amazon

This one may also be great if you live in a dorm room as your waffles are going to turn out great every single time thanks to the 5 temperature settings. You will be told by the waffle maker exactly when you want to pour your batter and when your waffles are ready. Also, the gadget is pretty compact.

Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer

$17.99 – On Amazon

This, obviously, is a timer that can be used outside the kitchen but it was designed for it, with a timer of up to 1 hour. Lights and sound will come out of it when the timer reaches zero. Hey, you even get the batteries included with this one so you do not have to leave your room at all as it reaches you.

Star Wars Darth Vader/Stormtrooper Sandwich Maker

$39.99 – On Amazon

Officially, this is a Panini maker but it is definitely going to be used for sandwiches with anything you come up with as you raid your fridge. Also, it is pretty good for when friends come over or when you go through a long gaming session and get hungry.

Extra: Star Wars Darth Vader Kitchen Apron

$12.79 – On Amazon

You cannot channel Force from the dark side when you cook without the appropriate attire. This apron solves that. It is great for any possible collection and the apron is actually officially licensed. Ain’t that cool?

Extra: Star Wars Cookbook II

Maybe you want something fancier and you want to cook something more complex than sandwiches or toast bread. In this case, this cookbook may be exactly what you were looking for. Just check it out!

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