YouTubers Have Been Warning People That Paul Logan Is A Dick For A Long Time – Now Do They Listen?

By now millions of people heard about Paul Logan’s incredibly stupid stunt pulled in Japan, where he went to the so-called Suicide Forrest, Aokigahara near Mt. Fuji. There he came across a person that killed himself by hanging. Long story short, he filmed it and then posted a video on YouTube about it. This is not the big problem. The HUGE problem is the way in which he did it.

Let me give you a little bit of backstory in the event you do not watch vloggers and Youtubers. Paul Logan was a viner that eventually became a Youtuber. He got a huge following with videos that are pretty dumb (you cannot say it in a different way), tailoring to a younger and immature audience. Obviously, this worked and he got a lot of subscribers, millions.

As Logan’s popularity grew, controversy also grew. I do not know of any big, successful, honorable Youtuber that does not dislike Paul. This is, in my opinion, simply because it is clear that Logan is a douchebag, jackass, whatever you want to call it. Still, he got movie roles and big brands endorsed him because of the audience he had. No problem with that.

Before I continue, I invite you to Google the topic and read everything that you can find about it. This is the type of thing that you really want to know more about.

Let’s get back.

A Video Of A Suicide On YouTube?

So someone looking for extra attention put video of a suicide victim on YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube reacted really slowly and it took a long time for it to be taken down. The official response by YouTube was filled with controversy since it was basically a simple apology to a problem that people have been talking about for a long time: a lot of gore content and inappropriate content is taken down really slowly.

Getting back to the subject at hand, I am interested in knowing the answer to one question:

“How in the world did Paul Logan think showing a dead body was appropriate for YouTube?”

Then again, another one:

“How in the world did Paul Logan think showing a dead body was appropriate for his audience, which is MOSTLY made out by youngsters?”

Video Backlash Quickly Appeared

Fortunately, backlash to the video quickly started to appear, mainly through Twitter. People became aware of what Paul Logan did and numerous celebrities, Youtubers and regular people reacted as they should. That was great to see.

There are some reactions that I really want to talk about. The first one is by the undisputed most successful YouTuber ever, a man that is hugely responsible for the appearance of many other Youtubers, PewDiePie:

Watch the video because it also shows some parts of the actual Paul Logan video that was taken down, highlighting many really important things you might have missed. The most important part is:

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”

It does not matter what Paul Logan says when he does stupid things like this one. His actions have been speaking for a really long time now. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Another reaction video you should see is a message to Logan Paul from a Native Japanese Guy:

Important things to take from this include these two statements:

  • My country is not your amusement park
  • There are always good and bad people

Paul Logan is definitely not one of the good people. The way in which he reacted to seeing a suicide victim on his run was disgraceful, disrespectful and basically proof of Paul Logan’s REAL character. He literally went to Japan to find things that he can make fun of. He did this in Italy and all over the world, getting arrested in the process many different times.

The last reaction video to highlight is one done by Reagan, a special one because it is an analysis of Paul Logan’s apology video:

While some of the conclusions are far-fetched and a little subjective, there are various great things highlighted. It is 100% clear that Paul Logan is not apologizing because of what he did. He apologizes for the fact that he was called out for it. What a despicable animal. In fact, I cannot even call him an animal since I love animals.

Just One More

This video is not a reaction video but I also wanted to highlight it because it comes from a person that worked with Paul Logan and lived in the same apartment building, Christian DelGrosso:

Paul Logan Did It For The Views

There are so many bad things about Paul Logan’s reaction and apology video, text, basically everything! There is not a single shadow of doubt in my mind that he did it for the views. He knew that the video could not be monetized and his reaction to finding a dead body in the forest was:

“Let’s film this so we can put it on YouTube”

People react differently to such a trauma. This is a given. However, people with any common sense do one of 2 things:

  1. Stop the cameras immediately and notify the authorities
  2. Cut out any shot of the body when you upload a reaction/vlog/whatever on YouTube

My Thoughts On This

I will try to keep it as short as possible since I can talk forever about the entire situation. What is clear is that Paul Logan is a Jackass, just like PieDiePie said. The problem is that people already know that. Brands that sponsored him like Pepsi or HBO know that.

The video highlighted so many different things that are simply incredible for me. One of them is that there were over 500,000 likes on the video he posted. 6 million people ended up seeing the video and so many of them saw nothing wrong with what Logan posted or did. This clearly shows that we are a long way from reaching what should be normal in regards to things like this. Education is necessary and it starts at a really young age.

Another thing that became clear is that Paul Logan is a clear narcissist. He did not care about the dead body. His mind automatically went to: “I will get a lot of views and more attention”. In his apology messages he kept talking about himself. Is that normal?

So Logan felt that there was no problem with showing such content on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter. Let’s put this to the side and realize that Logan Paul was NOT aware of one of the biggest movements of 2017, the 1-800-273-8255 song based suicide prevention awareness campaign. How ignorant can you be as SOMEONE IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS?

What Should Be Done?

This is really hard to say since any incident like this one should spark a conversation and lead towards education. Paul Logan should not be taken down or anything like that. However, people should acknowledge his real personality after this.

Also, all the brands that sponsor him at the moment should immediately cancel the contracts. This is what sends a clear message that YOU NEED TO THINK before you do something as a celebrity of any kind. It has been done many different times in the past, including for Youtubers. Till now I do not see any reaction of the kind. Maybe the brands already figured this out and they do not sponsor him at the moment. One can only hope!

People need to start speaking out!

For a long time now the mentality has been: shut up if something bothers you. This led to those talking leading the charge. It led to racism being stronger than ever. It led to numerous problems that could have easily been avoided.

I am glad to see people speaking out against Paul Logan’s actions. I am glad to see people reviewing his older videos to clearly point out the type of person he is. This is what his audience needs to realize. Parents have to TALK to their children and explain what is right and what is wrong.

Education and speaking out about the important things in life is necessary. You do not make fun of suicide. You do not make fun of racism, harassment, rape and so on! Never!

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