Watch Aly Raisman’s Nassar Sentencing Speech – Survivors Fight Back

Hopefully, you already know about the huge Nassar scandal in US Gymnastics. This “doctor” took advantage of hundreds of young girls as his privileged position in the US Gymnastics team allowed it. It is great to see that he was already found guilty and that people finally reacted, with the media being the true catalyst behind him being stopped for what he did.

The media is now filled with articles that properly investigate and cover the case. If you did not look at it till now, it is the time to do so. This trial sets a milestone in the fight against abuse and so much more. What is happening right now is close to a revolution in gymnastics and in sports in general.

I do not want to talk too much about the trial or what happened. Other people already did this in a totally beautiful way. What I do want to talk about is Aly Raisman’s speech at Nassar’s sentencing.

I should give a little bit of back information in case you did not watch what happened. Before this speech Nassar sent a letter to the court saying that him hearing the depositions of all the women (he took advantage of) is hurting him and that he fainted, plus a lot more rubbish. This is the letter Aly talks about.

Now let’s take a look at the speech.

There are so many different things that are shocking in this video. Raisman is visibly hurt by what happened. This speech was very hard for her but it is something necessary for both her healing and for showing others that the voice of the survivors of abuse can be strong.

One thing she pointed out and was simply incredible for me was the reaction of the US Gymnastics committee. The things she said are incredible, particularly the fact that the contract with the ranch was canceled but that athletes were still training there when this happened. Also, the lack of an official statement about Nassar and about what happened is deplorable.

While I was listening to the speech I automatically thought about the policies that are implemented by the WWE for their athletes. Professional wrestling is not seen as a sport for many but it is quite fantastic to notice that a private organization cares more about its athletes than a NATIONAL gymnastics committee. We are in the year 2018. It is unacceptable not to have an immediate answer and it is unacceptable for the people that knew about Nassar to still have a job there, BECAUSE THEY DO.

Raisman’s speech does wonders in showing the troubled state of US Gymnastics. Everything was practically ignored simply because results were appearing. In the meantime the athletes got gold medals and were scarred for life. The lack of response and fast actions by the Olympic committee just makes matters worse.

Although it might not seem so, it took a lot of courage for Aly to say what she said. Kudos to her and all the respect in the world. Now it is time for the “adults” to do what needs to be done. The judge in the case is doing a superb job at raising awareness, which is what is so needed at the moment all around the world when referring to any type of abuse, especially psychological abuse.

I hope something will change and I hope you will share that video and let others know what happened because it takes a lot of people to change the mentality that was deeply rooted in the minds of those that control so much of our society. Change is slow but it is happening and we all need to play our part. This is just one of the things Aly shows us through that speech.

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