Meet My Dog, Teddy!

When I was younger I said I like cats the most. This is basically because I loved girls that were acting like cats. You know the drill: bad girls that seem good. In any case, thanks to someone I figured out that dogs are incredible and so much better than cats. Not to say that cats are bad. It is just that dogs are a whole lot better.

After that I always wanted a dog. I wanted a quiet, big, black dog. I ended up getting only one of them. You can quickly figure out which one.

How I Got Teddy

It was around 1 AM or 11 PM. I have no idea what time it was but it was really late. I was walking my other dog with Yoyo (will talk about her at some point) and we heard a little dog screaming. I thought he was somewhere in an apartment around but Yoyo said that the sound was too loud. We went looking around and we found a little black dog (really small) screaming at us near a block of flats. I went on to him and he instantly jumped towards me. I picked him up and he quickly started kissing.

Next to where he was there was a little can of dog food and a little bowl of water. Someone abandoned him. Someone abandoned this little one:

It was pretty clear he was abandoned and we took him to the vet. We quickly started getting his vaccines done, of course. This is something that took some time and the original plan was to look for an adoptive family. After a couple of days I decided that I was going to adopt him. He slept in my bed and was incredibly lovely, looking for hugs and stuff.

Basically, I became the little boy’s mother/father. Yoyo always says he is “daddy’s little boy” and she is 100% right.

Teddy Grew Up

It’s been almost one year since that night I found Teddy. His name came because he looked like a little teddy bear. I know most dogs look like teddy bears when they are small but hey, he was my teddy bear.

Now Teddy grew up. He is stubborn, around 8 kg, with a weird body shape (he is a little long) and still refuses to pee outside. He is an incredible handful. He ate my couch, my bed, 2 pairs of jeans (part of them, of course), 2 pairs of underwear, many socks and who knows what else? Teddy licks the floors after eating like a vacuum cleaner. He only listens to commands when he wants to, although he knows what they mean. He always wants to run when he is out and is totally unsociable with other dogs at the moment. I can definitely go on with many other flaws. However, he is also adorable, comes to greet you when you come home, cries after you when you leave, kisses you when you wake up, plays with his brother all the time and eats like a little maniac.

I love Teddy and wouldn’t trade him for anything. A little soul that was found abandoned and that became a member of the family.

There are countless stories like Teddy out there. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are abandoned every single day. They need loving families. If you want a dog, think about adoption first!


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