League Of Legends Support, If You Do Not Buy A Sightstone, You Suck!

As the number one Challenger rank in Korea is held by a support, most people do not want to play support because they see the position as being useless and not impactful. When you see people saying that you cannot climb as support you can easily say that those players do not really know what this game is all about. You can climb while being a main in any position, including support. The real problem is thinking that the game was lost from the start, especially when auto filled as support.

The one thing that should be known by every single support is:

There are only 2 items that are MANDATORY on a support: the gold generating support item and the sightstone.

I really do not care what else you buy. You can go full damage, tank or full support (as you normally should). What is important is to buy those two, especially the sightstone. It is just 800 gold.

Why Do You Need The Sigthstone?

  • You get to see if you are ganked so you and the marksman do not die.
  • You get to ward important objectives so you know if the opposing team does them or not.
  • You get to see where the jungler is so the team knows if it is safe to split push or just push.
  • The other support will most likely buy a sightstone so they will see what you do while you do not see what they do.
  • You can see if the junlger is not around baron and you can sneak a Nashor for a comeback or a quick win.
  • You know when you can be aggressive.
  • You can bait the opposing team and prepare a nice trap.

I can talk about this for hours.

There are countless reasons why supports do not buy a sightstone. All of them are rubbish. The sightstone has to be the first item you buy as a support. The only two cases when this is not what you have to do are:

  • Your team is way ahead and you can snowball even further buy buying a different item before the sightstone.
  • You rush Ardent Censor on a suitable support. The item is simply too good right now.

Even in these two cases you still have to buy the sightstone after.

The next time that you complain about the fact that you are autofilled and you go a damage support and do not help the team get vision so you lose, remember that you might have won that game too! Vision helps to get back into almost lost games and to snowball games when ahead.

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