Is League Of Legends Fun?

While I was browsing through some random stuff, I came across an NA LOL board that had the title “Is LOL Fun?”. You can see it here.

The guy that started the thread was basically complaining about the matchmaking system, the fact that many games are not fair and so on. What is interesting is he had more wins than losses and he was still complaining about trollers and the likes.

The idea of whether or not League Of Legends is fun is quite interesting. When I first started playing the game everything was fun. Even when I was destroyed everything was fun. The problems started to appear after a few hundreds of games. You know why? It is because I started to actually learn the game. I realized what people were doing wrong and that is what made me rage.

The more you know about League Of Legends, the Meta, slang, rotations, macro gameplay, champs, counters and so on, the higher the possibility that you will not have fun anymore as you see people doing what you see as stupid mistakes! You know what the problem is with that? Those people that make all the mistakes are just like you were in the beginning. This is the hard truth in many cases.

It Is Up To You To Have Fun In LOL

How you approach League is what will dictate if you have fun or not. If you are highly competitive, you need to analyze why the game was lost. See what you did wrong. You surely made some mistakes. There is no game that is perfect. Analyzing your game, learning and improving are all moments in which you can have fun. Even if you do not, when you do not make those mistakes anymore you will still have fun.

In the event that you do not really care about being competitive and climbing the ranked ladder, besides the fact that you should not actually play ranked in the first place, go wild! You can go Singed support with smite if you want to (there is actually a debate about this at the moment, maybe will write about it tomorrow) and the main thing is to always communicate with the team. Have fun, crack jokes and simply do what you like to do. League is a game at the end of the day and you should have fun.

If you do not have fun when you play League of Legends and you love the game, you do something wrong. See what that is and change your attitude or maybe just take a break. Breaks help a lot!


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